The Edusynch platform is an adaptive self-assessment training platform focused on the TOEFL® exam - the most prevalent English language proficiency exam in the world. Students can login to the platform or download the native mobile applications to take full length simulations featuring test questions designed to mimic those seen as the test. They can train in each discipliune independently (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) and receive individualized feedback on their performance.

Edusynch was designed to be functional for any type of multiple-choice assessment. While the TOEFL® is the current focus, Edusynch is also being deployed for use with a Brazilian exam called the ENADE in the fourth quarter of this year (ENADE is a federal indicator used by the federal governemnt to gauge the quality of universities and colleges).

LEO Learning

LEO is a learning technologies firm focused on working with international organizations to help them transform their approach to learning. The firm specializes in customized learning objects, full-fledged learning platforms, and other educational products designed to integrate technology into the classroom.

Magnus Gyan has signed a contract with LEO Brasil to become the firms primary tablet provider to offer the bundled solution to clients. MG will also work with LEO to develop customized solutions for MG's own clients, adding increased customizability and industry expertise to MG's bundled solution offering.

Next Education

Next Education is an Indian firm focused on platforms targeting students in grades 6 through 12. Their flagship adaptive platform, LearnNext contains all the content for these grades covering math, physics, chemistry and biology, The platform breaks down every year’s material by subject and by lesson, providing an entire year of curriculum-tied content on each device. Within each lesson, there is a 5-10 minute video lecture, which contains native animations and is meant to mimic what the student learns in the classroom. All the tools are available offline and can be used in schools without internet access with the implementation of a simple server.

Magnus Gyan has an exclusive 3 year contract to distribute Next Education solutions in Brazil.


Developed by Amabrasil, one of Magnus Gyan’s channel partners, Faceduc is a social-based educational platform. It allows students to interact, share photos, videos, homework questions, as well as interface with professors to ask questions and request help. The software was developed for the mobile device and is embedded on every MG tablet currently in Pará.

Amabrasil launched Faceduc in 2009 with pilot programs in the cities of Santarém and Belterra. From 2009 to 2013, the schools using Faceduc in Santarém showed a 17% increased in IDEB scores, while the schools in Belterra using Faceduc showed a 41% increase in IDEB scores over the same time period (IDEB is a federal indicator used by the federal governemnt to gauge the quality of public grade schools).

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