Magnus Gyan Launches Second Pilot Program in the Amazon - Alter de Chão, Pará

Magnus Gyan earlier announced the launch of its low-cost tablet to a native “Indian School” in a small village ( Alter Do Chão ) in the Amazon. The school has 800 children and the tablets will be used to provide interactive learning for Math & Science as well as an intranet facility for students to communicate with each other. The project involves 100 tablets to be shared amongst the students and professors.

The ability to providing high quality educational content to under privileged youth in remote settings can only be made possible by the availability of a high quality low-cost internet device" says Kartik Kilachand, CEO, Magnus Gyan. “It is a game-changer’in the field of education”, he says. “We may finally be able to achieve Negroponte’s vision of ‘One Laptop per Child’ by moving from the ‘last mile’ connect to the ‘last person’ connect”.

Sean Kilachand

May 16, 2014

Magnus Gyan Receives International News Coverage

New of Magnus Gyan's successful launch in Brazil has reached both the USA and India. Last month, The Hindu Business Line published a piece discussing the launch of Magnus Gyan's first pilot program in Pará. Highlighting the crowdedness of the Indian market place, this is a landmark piece for Magnus Gyan as the company makes its push in Brazil.

Yesterday, Newsday picked up another piece of the story, noting Magnus Gyan's successful meeting with the Governor of Pará, His Excellency Simão Jantene. The article mentions Magnus Gyan's first two commitments in both the public and private sector: a 12,000 unit project to be launched in the state of Pará, and a 2,000 unit to be launched in Rio de Janeiro with one of Brazil's most prestigious English language training institutions, Cultura Inglesa. The 12,000 unit launch in Pará is merely a part of a larger, 100,000 tablet project planned by the Governor to be implemented over the course of the next 24 - 36 months.

The meeting also touched on the partnership of UFPA (Universidade Federal do Pará, or the Federal University of Pará) to set up a center of excellence in the capital city of Belém to develop software and infrastructure to aid the education of students living in Pará.

All tablets in the public project will be preloaded with Faceduc, the education-focusd social network developed by Magnus Gyan's in-country partner, Amabrasil.

Sean Kilachand

Dec 29, 2013

Magnus Gyan Launches First Pilot Program in the Amazon - Belterra, Pará

Magnus Gyan, in partnership with AmaBrasil, has successfully launched the first bundled educational tablet project in Brazil in the city of Belterra in the Northern state of Para. As of today, 485 Magnus Gyan tablets have been distributed to 20 schools throughout Belterra, all preloaded with AmaBrasil’s state-of-the-art educational social platform titled FacEduc. The video below showcases students participating the first of a series of weekly workshops in which they are instructed how to use the tablet to supplement in-class learning. AmaBrasil hosts workshops for teachers as well, in order to make sure educators are able to integrate the tablets effectively in the classroom.

The FacEduc software is meant to provide students with a seamless interface on which they can exchange information, ask questions to each other and their professors, as well as exchange pictures of what they see in their environment (the majority of which is Amazonian forest). The implementation of this software, bundled with the sophisticated low-cost Magnus Gyan Android-powered tablet, has provided these students with their first educational experience using cutting-edge technology. Having never before used a computer, these students now have unprecedented access to the internet, allowing them to engage the entire online community in addition to their peers and professors.

Sean Kilachand

May 2, 2013

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