Strategic Partnerships



Indian Institute of Technology

Magnus Gyan's hardware infrastructure was originally designed by IIT, the leading engineering institutes in India, specifically for educational use by individuals at the bottom of the pyramid.


EAFT Technologies

To bring the hardware out of the lab and into the market in India, IIT partnered with a commercial entity: EAFT. Magnus Gyan currently has a 5 year exclusive agreement with EAFT to distribtue their products in Brazil.




A R$2 billion (sales) high-end retail electronics firm, Fastshop has just signed an agreement to become an official distributor of Magnus Gyan products, making Magnus Gyan one of 5 companies in the Fastshop tablet segment which includes only Apple, Samsung, Acer and HP. Fastshop is based in São Paulo but has a presence in over 15 states in Brazil.


Outsource Brazil

Magnus Gyan's official in-country representative in Brazil, OBR has 25+ years of experience in internationalization, helping companies enter Brazil as well as Silicon Valley. They were also one of 9 accelerators originally selected by the Startup Brasil program and were responsible for the acceleration of Edusynch, MG's software subsidiary.


LEO Brasil

Subsidiary of London-listed edcuational content powerhouse LEO, LEO Brasil has signed an agreement making Magnus Gyan their preferred hardware partner when implementing the bundled solution model. Magnus Gyan will also leverage LEO's industry knowledge and deep-rooted relationships to sell all MG solutions.



Amabrasil is an NGO focused on cultural development through education and the environment. It recently became a licensed distributor of digital educational content with the Federal Ministry of Education for its education-focused social network, Faceduc. It is also a partner with the Pele Foundation. Amabrasil has a contractual relationship to design and implement various education and technology projects within the State of Pará, a state in the North of Brazil.

Fundação Estudar

Fundação Estudar

As one of the foundations set up by Jorge Paulo Lemann, Estudar seeks to identify the future leaders of Brazil and send them to study abroad in the world's most elite universities. The firm receives approximatley 30,000 applicants a year, of which ~30 are selected to take part in the training program. TOEFL® training is a large component of the firm's overall training methodology, and have thus been helping get Edusynch ready for full deployment via focus groups, alpha tests, and a beta test to be conducted in July 2015.


Center of Entrepreneurship IBMEC

As the first foray beyond the TOEFL® exam, Magnus Gyan's software subsidiary, Edusynch, has signed a deal with a firm based out of IBMEC's Center of Entrepreneurship. The platform is focused on the ENADE, an indicator exam used by the federal governemnt to gauge the quality of Brazil's universities and colleges. As a direct reflection of the quality of the university, the product will be sold directly to institutions. IBMEC is Brazil's leading for-profit university and is expected to pilot the software in Q4 2015.

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