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Magnus Gyan is an educational technology firm that leverages affordable technology to provide high quality interactive and adaptive education solutions to middle class youth in emerging economies.

By partnering hand in hand with software companies, as well as producing software in-house, Magnus Gyan has created the Bundled Solution - intensive educaitonal applications embedded on robust tablet hardware.

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The Magnus Gyan Bundled Solution


Information is power. With an average teacher:student ratio of 35:1, students suffer due to the lack of personal attention. At Magnus Gyan, we provide the personalized tools that students need to succeed


Our objective: improve the quality of education for middle class students in Brazil and India through the use of adaptive educational software embedded on affordable mobile hardware (tablets)


Magnus Gyan works hand in hand with educational institutions to provide the knowledge and training necessary to implement solutions that address each client's individual needs.


Adaptive Software

Interactive and adaptive software allows students to target individual weaknesses as they practice in and out of class


Robust Hardware

Magnus Gyan tablets were designed for educational use by IIT - the leading engineering institute in India


Bridging the Gap

Training and mentoring for teachers and students are the first stages of implementing the Blended Solution model

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